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Tourism and cultural activities in Poland


Different Forms of Tourism

There are many historic monuments to visit: Wilanow Palace, The Castle and Cathedral of Wawel or Malbork Castle.
Cinemas, theater, ballet and opera, art galleries and museums can be found in the large towns, such as the Czartoryski Museum in Krakow.
Poland is known for its many parks and natural reserves.
Kampinos National Park
Bieszczady National Park
Bialowieza National Park
Slowinski National Park
Lazienki Park
In Poland there are a large number of churches, especially Catholic ones. There are also Orthodox places of worship.
The Jasna Gora Monastery (Czestochowa) is very well known.
There are many thermal spas in Poland.
The northern front of the country is open to the Baltic Sea. There are many seaside resorts and sand beaches along the coast. The lakes of Mazuria are also a favorite destination for their beaches and numerous water sports.
Winter Sports
Cross country skiing and skating are practiced almost all over the country.
Alpine skiing can be practiced in some resorts in the south of the country, especially in Zakopane.
Outdoor Activities
Fishing, hiking, white water activities and equestrian activities.

Glass and enamelware, hand-woven rugs, silverware, handmade jewellery with amber and silver, dolls in regional costumes, woodcarvings and clay and metal sculptures.
Tourism Organisations
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