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Different Forms of Tourism

Saint Martin's cathedral, in the lower part of the city and the Austrian citadel that spans the Danube with its bridge and its panoramic tower, are the old symbols of the power of the Slovak capital, Bratislava.
Many castles, a lot of which are in ruins, form part of the Slovak landscape. Consult the list of castles in Slovakia.
Cinemas, theaters (National Theater), art galleries (Slovak national gallery, SNG), opera and museums such as the Slovak National Museum (SNM).
Consult the list of different Slovak museums.
Beautiful mountains and forests are found all over the center and north of the country.
For further information, consult the Slovakia Travel website.
Churches, cathedrals and basilicas.
Consult the list on the Slovakia Travel website.
There are more than 1,300 mineral sources in Slovakia, including 21 thermal spas built on these mineral springs. For more information consult the Slovakia Travel website.
Slovakia has no access to the sea, but it has several lakes and rivers.
Winter Sports
There are many winter sports resorts, given the mountainous nature of the country. The mountains are covered in snow for most of the year.
Outdoor Activities
Golf, fishing, rafting, skiing, bobsleigh, snowboard, hiking, aqua parks, etc.
Typical souvenirs are dolls in traditional costume, pottery, crystal glasses, wooden numbers, Arpaks (wooden jugs), fujaras (instruments) and valaskas (decorated axes).
Tourism Organisations
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